SentiBotics smart and self-reliant robots by Neurotechnology


Platform SP800

Autonomous mobile robot Sentibotics Platform SP800 is capable of self-localizing and self-navigating in complex environments.

It has a platform surface area of 800 x 600 mm and can be used for goods transportation within warehouses, in warehouse-shop floor logistics or transportation within shop floors in manufacturing establishments.

The SP800 could also be easily adapted for various other applications with appropriate hardware add-ons, for example, it can be used in disinfection solutions, mobile advertising stations, robots assistants and other. The robot is provided with a web API and hence can be easily used by other robotic solution developers to add their own hardware/software and create new solutions.

SP800 constantly builds a map of an environment which helps to localize itself and plan routes to reach required destinations. It uses multiple sensors that allows it to avoid stationary and moving obstacles and re-plan routes as necessary.

Robot connects to the local network and can be accessed either via web application or web API.


The SP800 autonomous robot features

Customizable top surface

The top surface of the robot can be customized according to user specifications. Mounting holes can be made so that user equipment can be attached to a robot. Mounting brackets can be also implemented to fit the required sizes of customer transportation boxes, shelves and etc.

Large capacity and removable battery

The robot features a large capacity battery, which could last up to 10 hrs on a single charge. The battery is also removable, so once empty it can be replaced with a charged battery pack eliminating the downtime of the robot altogether.

Intuitive cross-platform web application

The robot can be controlled and info about its status can be accessed via web application. Users can use mobile devices (tablets/phones) to order or send robot to required locations. Locations can be labeled so that users do not need to find locations on the map.

Robot control through REST API

The robot can be controlled and its status can be accessed through REST API allowing customers to develop their own software for particular applications. This is particularly useful when the robot becomes part of some larger automation system.

Free support for one year

A free unlimited one year support is included in the price, which should guarantee the ease of robot setup and integration into customers' working environment and processes.

Competitive price

The SP800 is priced from 19,500 EUR, with additional charges for top surface customizations, extra battery packs and other. In addition, rental options may be possible as well depending on the rental period and robot quantity. Please contact us with your requirements and receive an offer.

Hardware specifications of autonomous Sentibotics robot Platform SP800



40 kg

Max payload

150 kg

Top surface area

800 x 600 mm 


238 mm



7 cell LiPo 77Ah, removable

Sensors (used for robot localization and navigation)

2 x LiDAR

2 x RGB+depth sense camera

8 x ultrasonic distance sensors

8 x infrared distance sensors

1 x inertial measurement unit

Main computer

Intel NUC 10 (Intel i5 + 16GB RAM)



2 wheel differential drive + 4 x support wheels

Max power

2 x 250W


Operation time on single charge

Up to 10 hrs

Max speed

0.5 m/s

Charging time

4 hrs (17 Ah charger included) 



5 GHz used for connection with local network, robot also has an access point to set up connection details to local network

Extension ports



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